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3 Surprising Reasons to Have Your Car's Windows Tinted

Having your car's windows tinted can be a good choice for making your car look its best; window tinting can look sporty and stylish and is something that many drivers like for their new cars. However, there are some other reasons to have your car's windows tinted other than its appearance, and some of those reasons might surprise you. Note a few of those reasons below.

1. Better vision and less eye strain

Glare through your windshield when you drive can give you eye strain, especially if you live in a sunny area where you're constantly seeing the sun's reflection off other cars, buildings and the like. You may notice that your eyes hurt at the end of the day or after a long commute on very sunny days. Very often, you don't realise as you're driving how much the sun's glare is bothering your eyes as you simply squint against that glare, but then feel the discomfort at the end of the day. Window tinting can reduce glare and reflection so your eyes relax. 

You may even be safer behind the wheel with window tinting, when it comes to the sun's glare. You can easily miss the car in front of you stopping or a pedestrian stepping of the curb when the sun is too bright, but window tinting can allow you to focus more readily and more easily.

2. Less heat inside the car

Window tinting can keep the heat out of your car, which is also good to consider in very warm and tropical areas. Running your air conditioning constantly puts added wear and tear on the system and may not be very healthy for you. Air conditioning circulates air that isn't fresh and this can mean air that is full of dust and dirt and even emissions from your car. With car window tinting, you may be able to keep the windows open or run the air conditioner less often, which is less wear and tear and more fresh air for you.

3. Glass protection

The glass used for windshields and car windows is often very shatter resistant so that if it does break, it won't actually scatter into a million pieces. However, window tinting can give added protection for your car's glass and make it even more shatter resistant. This can be especially important for side windows, as thieves may try to break those windows to steal your car. With window tinting, this can make it harder for them and protect your car from vandalism, as well as protect you in the case of an accident.