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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A New Front Door

Choosing a front door for your new home may sound like a fairly straightforward decision to make. However, with the vast array of external doors that are available on the market these days, it may be harder than you think. Your new front door not only needs to look good, but it has to meet your needs for security, light and privacy. Here are three questions to ask yourself before you even step foot in a door supply company's showroom.

1.Timber or fibreglass?

Timber has long been the standard material used in the production of external doors. It's still a popular choice because it's strong, easy to use and looks great whether painted or in its natural state. There is also a larger selection of styles available in timber doors than there are in the fibreglass range.

Fibreglass doors are fairly new to the market, but their popularity is increasing rapidly. This is because they provide excellent security and insulation, and they don't require the ongoing maintenance that timber doors do. Fibreglass is regarded as a very eco-friendly building material and is the go-to choice for green building practices.

2. Glazed or unglazed?

Whether you opt for a solid door or one with glazed panels comes down to your needs for light, privacy and security. Glass panels are excellent for homes that have an entrance area that is dark as they allow light to brighten the area. However, they are often seen as less secure than solid doors because the glass panels make them vulnerable to being broken by intruders.

If you like the idea of glazing but are concerned about safety, then there are glazed doors available that can address these concerns. Glazing can be reinforced with zinc or brass mesh, which makes it much tougher and more difficult to smash.

3. Single or double door?

Whether to choose a single or double door for your entrance is largely down to your personal preference and the space that you have available. Double doors are great if you have a large or stately home or if your entry opens directly into a large living space. A single door is the better choice if your home is small or you prefer a simple and understated entrance.

As well as whether to have a single or double door, it's good to consider the configuration of your entrance. Many doors are complemented by panels on one or both sides of the door. These panels can be glazed or unglazed, and are usually painted the same colour as the door to create a unified look.

Choosing a new front door can be tricky, but it's worth choosing the right one. Doors are the first experience visitors will have of your home, and they are a way for you to express your unique style.