Making Apartment Windows More Secure: Tips for Renters and Landlords

Reasons You Should Opt for Glass Tinting on Your Residence's Windows

When it comes to window treatments, most homeowners tend to contemplate the regular options available to them such as drapes, curtains, shutters and more. Over the years, more and more interior designers are convincing homeowners to consider glass tinting as part of their window treatment. This is not purely for aesthetic reasons though. Here are some of the reasons you should opt for glass tinting on your residence's windows.

Window tinting enhances the privacy of your residence

If you have large window panes in your home, one of the biggest concerns you would have would be privacy. As such, homeowners will opt for window treatments such as sheers to allow light to come into the home while still maintaining some form of privacy while indoors. If you would like to opt for a different type of window treatment that will not only let in light but also provide you with privacy without obscuring your views, you should consider tinting your windows. The different tints available give you the chance to totally obscure your windows from outside by reflecting light while not affecting your views from indoors. Depending on the degree of the tint, you can even eliminate using curtains and drapes altogether as your home will be sufficiently protected from prying eyes.

Window tinting reduces the amount of heat in your residence

Another reason why your home will benefit from window tinting is that this film also works toward keeping the temperature of your home cool. It does this by reducing the amount of heat that has the potential of being absorbed into the home due to direct sunlight streaming in through the windows. The varying types of tints available make it easier for you to choose the form of insulation that would work best for you. Additionally, by having window tinting reduce the heat being absorbed into the home, you also get the chance to decrease your air conditioning output. This in turn serves towards enabling you reduce your utility costs, especially during the warmer, summer months.

Window tinting prevents UV rays from penetrating your residence

The bigger your windows, the higher the UV radiation that your home is being exposed to. However, since most people love natural lights streaming in, they tend to overlook the negative effects that constant UV exposure may cause. For one, if you furniture is always is the direct line of the sunlight, you will find that the upholstery will begin fading over time. The same applies to hardwood floors. Rather than risk compromising the aesthetic appeal of your furniture and décor, it is best to have your windows tinted.

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