Making Apartment Windows More Secure: Tips for Renters and Landlords

Choosing curtains and blinds for the homemaker on a budget

If you're trying to dress a window on a tight budget, it can be a challenge to find a stylish and suitable solution without blowing the bank account. These handy tips will help you choose curtains and blinds for your home that will save you money, both now and into the future.

Steer clear of cheap options

While it may be tempting to purchase cheap curtains or blinds for your windows to save a little cash now, you will be stuck with lower quality window dressings that require replacement sooner. Instead, it is highly recommended that you invest in good quality curtains and blinds from the outset. Look for natural fabric curtains with well-sewn hems, eyelets and tabs. Lined curtains will help resist fading from sun exposure. Roller or roman blinds are excellent, affordable block-out options- look for sunscreen fabric lining for ultimate longevity.

Stick to a neutral palette

When purchasing curtains and blinds, it's smart to steer clear of trendy, bold patterns that will date quickly. Opting for window treatments in a neutral tone, with a soft texture or classic pattern, will ensure that you don't need to replace them any time soon. Classic white sheer curtains are timeless, and blinds or curtains in natural fabrics and organic tones have an elegant simplicity that will coordinate with your home décor for many years to come. Think linen, bamboo and cotton in neutral palettes for a natural look. Alternatively, to make your windows a feature in your home, consider a textured black curtain to make a bold statement.

The thicker, the better

The thicker the fabric, and the greater insulation offered by your window treatments, the easier it will be to keep your interior temperature under control. With less sun seeping through your windows in summer, or heat escaping during winter, your heating and cooling bills will be kept to a minimum. As a long term money saver, well-insulated curtains and blinds are the smart solution for a budget-conscious, eco-friendly homemaker.

Shop around and negotiate

Finally, it is imperative if you are on a tight budget that you shop around and look for a great deal. Don't be in a rush- spend some time planning what you want, and compare prices before you purchase. Don't be afraid to negotiate with your local curtain and blind supplier- many businesses have a price match guarantee, or can work with you to find the ideal window treatment solution within your budgetary limitations.

For expert advice on how you can dress your windows for less, contact your local professional curtain and blind stockist today.