Making Apartment Windows More Secure: Tips for Renters and Landlords

How to Use Your Windows to Be More Energy Efficient

If you are struggling with high energy bills, it might be due to the types of windows you have. Whether you have broken windows and are taking the opportunity to replace them with more energy-efficient options or you want to replace all your windows to increase your home's value, the following tips help you choose new windows that also help to reduce your monthly energy bills.

Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient

Before you start replacing windows, first consider whether or not the types of windows you have now can be made more energy efficient. This can help save money if just one of your windows is cracked and you want to repair or replace that one, but keep the rest of your windows intact. For example, check for cracks or gaps around the frames of the windows, as this can cause air to escape, which reduces the efficiency of your HVAC system. Also consider installing weatherstripping around the windows for better insulation from extreme weather conditions.

Choose Eco-Friendly Window Frames

The next thing you can do to make your new windows more energy-efficient is choosing the right frames. There are a wide range of window frames, but only some of them can be considered friendly to the environment. Wood is a good material since it not only provides good insulation so you use your HVAC system less often, but it is also a recyclable material. With vinyl window frames, it is another type of insulating material that helps to reduce the amount of energy you use to heat or cool your home.

Select Low-E Window Glass

Now that you have the frame selected, you can choose a more energy-efficient window glass for your new windows. Low-E technology is often best when you want to have window glass that reduces energy consumption in your home, though there are multiple types. Consider your home's climate and energy usage when deciding which one is best. For example, if you get a lot of intense heat and always need to have the air conditioner running, consider Low-E insulating glass with Argon. These windows are triple-paned with extra insulation to keep the sun's UV rays out, which reduces how hot it gets inside. You can also find Low-E window glass with hurricane shield, with double panes that block out both harsh sunlight and cold weather, and that provide shatter-proof glass.

If you are in need of replacing a broken window, ask the window repair professional about eco-friendly glass options.