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Main Types of Car Window Tints You Could Choose From

Window tints perform various functions depending on what they are composed of. Some can work toward enhancing the thermal efficiency of your windows whereas other can block out harmful ultraviolet rays that could potentially damage the interior upholstery of your car. As such, it would be ideal to consider opting for window tinting if you would like to take extra measures in protecting your investment. Here are some of the main type of car window tints that you could choose from for your vehicle.

Dyed car window tints

This type of tint is made up of a dyed film that has been sandwiched in between a protective polyester coating and an adhesive layer. The adhesive layer is what adheres the dyed film onto your car windows. The protective polyester coating function to prevent superficial scratches on your window tint so as to maintain a uniform appearance. Dyed car window tints primarily function to block out the sun's rays from penetrating your vehicle.

However, they do not offer much protection against radiant heat; therefore, window tinting will not improve on the thermal efficiency of your vehicle's windows. Nevertheless, dyed car window tints are one of the more reasonably priced options that you can find. This makes them a popular option with motorists that are looking for an economical alternative to tinting their vehicle's windows.

Metallized car window tints

This type of window tint is aptly named due to the metallic particles that are incorporated into the window tint film. These metallic particles are reflective, which make this type of window tint an ideal option if you are looking to reflect the sun's rays away from your window. In addition to this, metallized car window tints tend to come with ultraviolet protection. The ultraviolet protection functions toward preventing the gradual degradation of your vehicle's upholstery due to exposure to the sun's rays.

Ultraviolet resistant capabilities are also a good option if you spend a considerable amount of time on the road and would like to protect your skin from these UV rays. It should be noted, though, that metallized window tints have the propensity of interfering with radio signals. Nevertheless, metallized films have been known to enhance the structural integrity of car windows. Thus, making them harder to break when they experience high impact.

For more information on car window tinting, talk to a professional with lots of experience in your area.