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Why Choose Aluminium For Your Bi-Folding Doors?

Increasingly popular all over Australia, bifold doors provide an excellent means of access to your home from your garden as well as a large expanse of glazing that means you can enjoy your garden even when you are inside. When people are looking for bifold doors, they will usually be primarily concerned with whether or not they want double- or triple-glazing for them. However, all too often the framing material is overlooked. If you are considering having bifold doors fitted in the near future, then you should certainly weigh up the considerable benefits of aluminium frames for them. What makes this material so particularly advantageous for bi-folding doors?

Easy to Maintain

Firstly, aluminium is a weather-resistant material. Unlike wood, which many sets of bi-folding doors are made from, aluminium needs virtually no maintenance at all to keep in mint condition. It has a pleasant silver colour when it oxidises, and this means that it has a layer on the outside which looks good in domestic settings. It also won't rust in the same way as iron or steel would. You can paint it, but this is not a requirement to prevent weathering — it is purely done for aesthetic purposes.

Durable and Strong

Aluminium has a high tensile strength quality. In short, this means that it does not bend even when it is being used to hold heavy sections of large glazing panels. As such, it is the perfect material for bi-folding doors which need to support their own weight when they are open and closed. Because it is so strong, you can use thinner profiles then you would with other materials, such as UPVC, for example. As a result, you get more glazing per door panel then you would otherwise be able to achieve. This makes your home seem lighter and airier, especially if you have a south-facing aspect.

Thermal Insulation

Even a few decades ago, some people were put off buying aluminium frames for windows and doors because it acts as an efficient thermal conductor. However, bifold door frames are now commonly made from two separate sections of aluminium which are pushed together around the glazing they hold. So long as they are made with a thermal break technology that is inserted between the two sections of extruded metal that form the frame, more than adequate installation can be achieved. In short, conducting heat through the frame is longer an issue, so it should not put you off aluminium for your set of bifold doors.