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Three Indoor Blind Styles to Consider for Your Home

Curtains take up a lot of space in a room, as they protrude from the window and fall in folds. To save space and make rooms appear larger, you may prefer the cleaner look of blinds. Indoor blinds come in different styles, three of which are described below.

Roller Blinds

One classic sleek style to consider is roller blinds which operate via a spring mechanism or a chain. Roller blinds have minimal detailing, as they consist of a flat square or rectangle fabric piece that mimics a simple window frame. They don't drape, fold and fall like curtains. Thus, if you prefer a clean look, roller blinds may be ideal.

These coverings offer a massive range of colours and patterns. You could install neutral beige, cream or grey, or go with bright yellow or blue. Additionally, you'll have a selection of patterns to consider. Prints tend to evoke a richer feel, reminiscent of curtains, but with less bulk. 

You could install dual roller blinds that feature a blackout and sunscreen shade on the one system for more nuanced light control. To darken the room, pull down the blackout blind. Alternatively, draw the sunscreen shade — that reduces UV rays and glare — for filtered light and privacy.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are also more minimalist than curtains — but they add more visual detail to a room than roller blinds. The series of horizontal blades creates a textured look across the windows.

Venetian coverings use materials such as aluminium, PVC and timber, each of which evokes a different aesthetic. Slim aluminium blinds create a modern look, whereas wood or faux wood engender a classic feel, especially when they're white.

You can control light by adjusting the blades to different angles. Set them horizontally for a lovely mottled lighting effect. Or else, direct the light upwards towards the ceiling, which protects furniture, or downwards to prevent glare on a computer screen. Of course, you can close the blinds completely for privacy.

Vertical Blinds

Another option is vertical indoor blinds, which consist of vertical strips of fabric or vinyl that drape towards the ground. These coverings add elegance and softness, especially if they reach the floor. Because of the way the blades fall vertically, they are most similar to curtains, especially if they use soft fabric.

Vertical blinds typically use a chain or wand mechanism to rotate the strips in any direction. Close them to block light and create a private room, or angle them for filtered illumination.