Why Choose Aluminium For Your Bi-Folding Doors?

Increasingly popular all over Australia, bifold doors provide an excellent means of access to your home from your garden as well as a large expanse of glazing that means you can enjoy your garden even when you are inside. When people are looking for bifold doors, they will usually be primarily concerned with whether or not they want double- or triple-glazing for them. However, all too often the framing material is overlooked. [Read More]

5 Benefits That Drive Panel Glides Popularity Among Homeowners

Panel glides are a modern and contemporary window furnishing that are great for full-drop windows but which can also be used on doors. These furnishings are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The popularity of these modern furnishings continues to soar even today, and that is all thanks to the benefits that come with installing the furnishings, as highlighted 1. They Are Easy to Install Panel glides are quite easy to install, and with a few extra hands to help, you can easily take this up as a DIY project. [Read More]

Sliding Door Repairs

When a sliding door dysfunctions, it can be extremely frustrating. It can cost you time and effort, and even stop you from carrying out your day-to-day activities. Lives are already really hectic, so when a sliding door doesn't work as it should, it's the least of your problems you want to focus on. Here are problems that can occur with sliding doors: Sliding door is not opening or closing properly Sliding door is completely stuck and not moving at all Door consistently comes of its track and you have to keep putting it back on Door is scratching or grinding on the tracks Door is not locking properly or not locking at all One of the key problems found with sliding doors is the wear and tear of the internal components. [Read More]

Why You Should Consider Installing Bi-Fold Doors for Your Home

Not only are they the home owner's choice, but bi-fold doors are also designer's products of choice. First and foremost, these types of doors are preferable because they allow light to penetrate buildings and offering 100% privacy when necessary. Because of the ease of use and their solid construction, bi-fold doors are perfect for both office and home that are looking to enjoy sufficient light and would want to make the outdoor room more useful. [Read More]