How to Use Your Windows to Be More Energy Efficient

If you are struggling with high energy bills, it might be due to the types of windows you have. Whether you have broken windows and are taking the opportunity to replace them with more energy-efficient options or you want to replace all your windows to increase your home's value, the following tips help you choose new windows that also help to reduce your monthly energy bills. Make Your Windows More Energy Efficient [Read More]

Choosing curtains and blinds for the homemaker on a budget

If you're trying to dress a window on a tight budget, it can be a challenge to find a stylish and suitable solution without blowing the bank account. These handy tips will help you choose curtains and blinds for your home that will save you money, both now and into the future. Steer clear of cheap options While it may be tempting to purchase cheap curtains or blinds for your windows to save a little cash now, you will be stuck with lower quality window dressings that require replacement sooner. [Read More]

Reasons You Should Opt for Glass Tinting on Your Residence's Windows

When it comes to window treatments, most homeowners tend to contemplate the regular options available to them such as drapes, curtains, shutters and more. Over the years, more and more interior designers are convincing homeowners to consider glass tinting as part of their window treatment. This is not purely for aesthetic reasons though. Here are some of the reasons you should opt for glass tinting on your residence's windows. Window tinting enhances the privacy of your residence [Read More]

What to Consider When Selecting Anti Graffiti Coatings for Windows

Not all anti-graffiti coatings may be suitable for use on your windows. Several personal or circumstantial factors go into making a particular kind of coating more suitable for a particular situation than another. This article discusses some of those factors. How Much Foot Traffic Moves Close to the Windows Consider how much contact will be made with the windows that you wish to give anti-graffiti coatings. Some coatings may attract dust and other forms of dirt. [Read More]