2 Common Types of Skylights For Your Home

If your home has areas that are too dark and are making your space feel small and enclosed, you may be considering installing skylights. In simple terms, skylights are windows that are installed in your roof or ceiling, and they can not only brighten your home, but also offer increased ventilation and energy efficiency. As a first-timer it's important for you to know the two main types of skylights available for installation, so here's a quick rundown before you start shopping. [Read More]

How Do Ordinary Windows Differ from Energy Saving Windows?

You may be wondering what differentiates ordinary windows from energy saving (insulating) windows. This article discusses the major differences between those two kinds of windows. Us this information to upgrade your windows to energy saving ones so that you enjoy the many benefits that energy saving windows have over ordinary windows. Number of Glass Layers The number of glass layers that a window has distinguishes ordinary windows from energy saving windows. [Read More]